Currently White Earth Land Recovery Project is working to become more energy efficient through examining the feasibility of a solar field north of the Headquarters in Callaway. Also included in the feasibility study is the potential to place solar on the roof.  Donations for this work can be made by clicking on the upper right hand corner donate button.

White Earth Solar Air Heating – A short History

The White Earth Land Recovery Project is hosted in  2014 2015, 2016, & 2017 solar air heater installation trainings at our main offices in Callaway, MN, on the White Earth Reservation. Students received hands-on experience installing 10 solar heaters each year on households across the White Earth Reservation.

The Solar Air Heater Training  prepared students for paid contract work installing solar heaters on homes on the White Earth Reservation. Forty homes were provided solar furnaces through funding from Trees, Water, & People, Lakota Solar Enterprises, White Earth Land Recovery Project and Certs. Students who completed the training were encouraged to maintain contact with Trees, Water & People, Lakota Solar Enterprises, and WELRP for similar contracted solar heater installation opportunities in the future.

The Solar heaters themselves work during the daylight hours to help offset the heating costs of your home up to 25 percent. Today in 2021, these furnaces are still functioning in most homes.