2024 SAVE THE DATE for the 21st Annual Great Lakes Indigenous Farming Conference!

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Let’s learn and grow together.

The White Earth Land Recovery Project is excited to announce The 21st Annual Great Lakes Indigenous Farming Conference this year happening March 7th to 10th at Sugar Lake Lodge, Cohasset, MN. Our conference theme this year is Cultivating Cultural Community Connections.

Sugar Lake Lodge provides town house style lodging. You could have a roommate.

LOOK AHEAD: Envision a journey into the heart of meaningful connections as we stride purposefully into the future: Nurturing Cultural Unity Bonds. Prepare for an exhilarating symphony of knowledge with an illustrious lineup of 25 distinguished presenters set to captivate your intellect over the span of three enlightening days. Engage in dynamic dialogues exploring the realms of corn, hemp, and sustainability, fostering a profound appreciation for the intricate tapestry of our shared heritage.

Embark on a transformative experience through our youth track, meticulously crafted to weave cultural richness into the fabric of learning. Immerse yourself in a workshop track where vibrant presentations unfold, each a masterpiece of cultural and artistic expression. Delve into the realm of wellness as we extend an opportunity to discover the art of crafting cannabis-based medicine, a testament to the holistic approach we embrace.

Mark your calendars for a momentous occasion on Friday, March 8th, as we proudly host Winona LaDuke, a luminary whose keynote promises to be a beacon of inspiration. This is merely a glimpse into the vast expanse of enlightenment awaiting you. Stay vigilant, as more revelations are poised to unfold. Secure your spot now by registering at https://www.welrp.org/2024-registration-21st-annual-glifc/. Your journey into cultural connectivity begins here!