Our Mission:

The mission of the White Earth Land Recovery Project is to facilitate the recovery of the original land base of the White Earth Indian Reservation while preserving and restoring traditional practices of sound land stewardship, language fluency, community development, and strengthening our spiritual and cultural heritage.

Vision 2030

Consensus Vision Statements

The following statements represent the group’s consensus after discussing the individual elements of the vision. These Vision Elements capture the group’s insight on their collective intent in each arena. The Vision Elements at the center are the Keystone, providing the strength and balance to the Vision.

Towards Preservation and Control of Our Own Wellbeing for Future

  • We Are Indigenous Leaders in Modeling the Sustainability of Renewable Energy
  • Control & Share Assets & Infrastructure That Intentionally Reflect Our Values & Meaningfully Link Our People Together

Towards Unified Ojibwe Identity and Practice

  • Support System Revitalizes & Awakens Traditional Values & Approaches to Address Trauma & Restore Wellness in Our Society
  • Reservation-Wide Commitment to Re-Indigenize and Revitalize Culture Identity. Spiritual Practice & Ojibwe Thinking

Towards Building and Strengthening Relationships With the Earth in a Good Way

  • Collective Community Economic System Provides for the Well-being of One Another & Future Generations
  • Healthy, Holistic & Sustainable Relationships with Akiing – The Land to Which the People Belong

Our Work

We work to continue, revive, and protect our native seeds, heritage crops, naturally grown fruits, animals, wild plants, traditions, and knowledge of our indigenous and land-based communities. We strive to maintain our culture and resist the global, industrialized food system that corrupts our health and freedom through inappropriate food production and genetic engineering.

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